Spell / meditation for easing Writer’s Block

Anyone who wants to be a writer, or indeed an artist of any sort, knows the feeling. Those pesky days when no matter how hard you try the inspiration and ideas just don’t seem to flow. Of course there are many ways to deal with the dreaded writer’s block. Going for a walk in nature, taking a long bath and playing some inspiring music are just a few of mine but here’s a method I developed using a little witchcraft to help my cause.

Since I’m a very visual person I always find decorating my altar/work space with items related to the specific spell/meditation/ritual that I’m doing helps me to focus my mind and set my intention. One of my favourite things to use is Tarot cards as they are such powerful visual representations and you can always find one (or a few!) to suit your particular need. For this particular spell I find the Empress card is perfect as to me she represents a woman overflowing with creativity with the confidence and power to manifest her creations. Alternatively, the Ace or Nine of Cups are both perfect. It’s entirely down to personal preference really and, of course, a card that has a particular meaning for you may be interpreted entirely differently by someone else. As with all magic, it’s the intention that really matters.


As well as having visual representations whenever I’m about to do a spell I find it helps to set the tone with music and incense/oils. My favourite scents for this particularly spell would be either sandalwood or cinnamon. Sandalwood has great writer’s block busting properties and helps to ease self doubt and cinnamon is great for raising focus and motivation.

So, now that you have your work space prepared and have set the mood for making magic you will need a few more items/ingredients:

  • Pen and paper. These don’t have to be anything fancy. Plain old biros and computer paper will work just fine. Even the trusty Ikea pencil if that’s what you have to hand. However, if you do have beautiful scented writing paper, tea stained sheets or even a fancy quill feel free to use these if they make you feel witchier!
  • Scented oil. As with the incense something that has properties related to your goal works best. I usually use cinnamon but, again, sandalwood is also perfect. You could also use clove, which has creativity boosting properties or eucalyptus for inspiration, mental clarity and understanding. It really is down to whatever works best for the individual.
  • Crystals. A plain clear quartz crystal to act as a blank focus point for your intention is fine here or, alternatively, see my post on Crystal Magic for Writers for inspiration.
  • A candle. Any colour/ type is fine here but personally I like to use a red candle as I associate red with creativity and passion which is what we’re trying to inspire here. Yellow would also be perfect as it is often associated with inspiration.

Now that you have everything you need you’re good to go. Take a minute to clear your mind and focus on what it is you want to achieve. Namely, creative inspiration and fresh ideas for your project. Once you have that intention clear in your mind draw something that represents your project on the paper. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece if drawing isn’t your forte, it’s simply an aid to help you focus your intention. For example, if it is a writing project you’re working on, try a pen, a computer, type writer or even a quill if you prefer. Or you could draw something representative of the content of your story / project. Personally, I often draw a book, a cauldron and a pen as they help represent what “The Cauldron Born”  is to me. Whilst you are drawing, really think about your project, what you want to achieve with it and what it means to you. Next, anoint the corners of the paper with your chosen oil and fold it up so that the image is hidden. Place your crystal (or crystals) on top of the paper and visualize them amplifying your power and intention. Put your candle next or in front of the paper and crystals and, still retaining your focus and intention, light the candle.


Then, either out loud or in your head, begin to chant;

Open my mind, let inspiration come. My creativity flows, my hands create.

Or some variant of that. Whatever you find most representative of your intention. Repeat for as long as you feel like and then take a few minutes to meditate on you project. Hopefully by the time you are finished the ideas will have begun to flow and you should be all set to continue writing/drawing/painting/etc. If possible, keep the candle burning with the paper and crystals somewhere they will be in view whilst you are working. This should help to subconsciously reinforce the magic as you go.  I also find this spell works best if it is repeated frequently before you sit down to work on your project. Rather than repeating the whole process every time I just keep my “creativity candle” set up on my desk and relight the candle/ repeat the meditation whenever I feel I need it. The regular reinforcement should help to train your brain to know when it’s “writing time” and help you to get into the right mindset more quickly.

Hope this spell helps and if you have any other suggestions for variations or ideas for busting writer’s block let me know in the comments!

Happy writing and blessed be! x


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