Crystal magic for writers



I love bringing a little witchy magic to my writing process, not least when it comes to my desk set up. Since the world I’m creating is so deeply entrenched in witchcraft I certainly find it helps to create a witchy vibe around me when I’m writing plus these particular crystals have some great properties for writers. These are the three main crystals I keep on my writing desk to help me get those creative juices flowing.

Amethyst is one of my favourite crystals, probably because it’s my birthstone. Also, who doesn’t love purple? I also find it’s great for boosting creativity and inspiration. It expands the mind and helps with courageous, confident creative choices. I’ve also got Fluorite, known as the Fairy Stone or Studying Stone. It’s great for helping with scattered or disorganised thoughts and combating computer/technology related stresses. Last but certainly not least is Citrine for igniting that creative spark. Citrine helps you to manifest those little ideas and bursts of inspiration into reality.

If you have other suggestions for favourite crystals for writing and creative projects I’d love to hear about them. Happy writing! x

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