About The Cauldron Born

The Cauldron Born is the home of writer Bethany J Smith and the title of my first upcoming novel. It follows the story of Cardinal Carrow, a young witch caught up in a world of supernatural politics and magical crime.

When the body of a witch is found in an abandoned warehouse black magic is the first thing on everyone’s mind. A sacrificial ritual or a demon summoning gone wrong. But when local witch-for-hire Cardinal Carrow is asked to investigate she senses much older, darker magic at play. Convinced the culprit is no mere witch, Cardinal sets out to discover who, or what, is killing her sisters in the craft. The clock is ticking and it is only a matter of time before it kills again…..

The Cauldron Born will be the first in a series of hopefully 4-5 books. Watch this space for updates or read a sneak preview here!