Ostara Blessings

Happy Spring Equinox! Wishing you all blessing and abundance on this bright Ostara day. Or, Mabon blessings if you’re in the southern hemisphere :).

I’ve been celebrating by doing some serious spring cleaning and spending time outside planting seeds in the garden. We’ve been lucky here in the UK as the weather has been glorious today, perfect for welcoming IMG_20190320_145242_144in the spring and spending time outside.

I’m hoping to spend some time over the next few days meditating on my goals and figuring what my next steps will be to manifest my intentions since I feel like things have been a little manic lately and I haven’t had time to stop and check in with myself.

To help with that, I wrote an incantations to the goddess Ostara to ask for a little guidance and decided to share it here!


Ostara Prayer for Guidance


Maiden Ostara, Goddess of Spring

Growth and new life in your wake you will bring.

The sun reaches out and wakes the earth,

And plants and creatures come to birth.

Colour returns as the flowers bloom,

Life is now growing in the mother’s womb.

Goddess I ask you to guide my hand,

As I plant my seeds upon this land.

What must I reap and what must I sow,

So my intentions and wishes may grow?


Hope you’re all having a wonderful Ostara and blessed be! x


Healing Spells

Beltane has passed and May is upon us. Here was me thinking the warmer days and the beginning of summer would herald the end of cold and flu season. How wrong was I! For the last couple of days I’ve had a nasty head cold/sore throat/general run down-ness. Most unfortunate, particularly over Beltane when I want to get down to some witchy fun and celebration! But looking on the bright side it’s a good excuse to practise some healing magic and incorporate another of my favourite activities: bath time! I’m an Aquarius and a total water baby so any excuse for a long soak in the tub works for me. I often use baths to prepare for rituals or just when I’m in need of some quiet thinking time. So today I’m trying out a healing bath.


Water is an element of healing and purification so a healing bath is a wonderful way to help ease your ills. For this particular bath I used Epsom Salts which have detoxing properties. They are also great for easing stress and aches and pains. I also added a few drops of thyme oil. Thyme is an incredible healing herb and is a main stay in my witches garden. Among many others it’s properties include; antibacterial, anti-fungal, balancing hormones, anti-spasmodic, strengthening immune system, respiratory health and digestion. It’s a fantastic starting point for anyone interested in experimenting with herbal healing. To complement the thyme I put in a few drops of lemon balm oil which is anti-viral as well as having a lovely refreshing scent.

Before the bath I set up a few blue candles, blessing them with a healing spell as I lit them. This is a spell taken from my Book of Shadows and unfortunately I can’t remember where it originally came from so if anyone does know the source please do let me know so I can give credit where it’s due. The candle incantation is as follows:

“In the name of the Goddess, I charge this candle as a magical tool for healing.

 Magic mend and candle burn, sickness end, good health return.”

Once the bath is run and the candles charged and lit, I add the Epsom salts to the water with the following incantation:

“Into this water, power I send, my stress shall unwind, my body shall mend.”


This particular incantation is adapted from the Bath Spells section of The Witches Circle which is well worth checking out as they have plenty of other great bath spells!

Once that is done all that is left to do is lie back, relax, and let the water soak away all your pains and ills. Whenever I use bath magic I always make a note to rinse the bath out afterwards to ensure any residual negative energy is washed away, as well as for basic hygiene of course! With this particular spell I also gave thanks to the water spirits when I was finished in the tub. It’s always good to show gratitude for any help you receive, even in times of illness. I’m already feeling much better after my healing bath, though not totally healed of course. We can’t expect miracles after all!

Just as a side note, I found this album of Healing Moon Chants was the perfect musical accompaniment.

Have a wonderful and blessed day x

Beltane Love Spell


As mentioned in my previous post Beltane is the perfect time for love magic. It should go without saying that you can’t make someone love you, using magic or otherwise. Free will is not a force to be tampered with. So I use the words “love spell” only loosely here. What I do mean is a spell that celebrates love and sets out the intention to bring lovers closer together. Whether that intention is to strengthen or rekindle romance in an existing relationship or perhaps to create opportunities for feelings to develop with someone new is entirely down to the caster.

The spell incorporates yet another lovely Beltane tradition: weaving. Weaving is symbolic of the union of two things to create a third so the symbolism is perfect for love and fertility magic. This is a super simple spell and is only intended as a bit of fun. As always it is down to the individual witch to decide what intention and energy to bring to it. To perform this spell, you will need:

  •  Two ribbons or strands of cord. String will do or you can even use your hair if you have nothing else to hand. However, it’s an added bonus if the colours of the cord correspond to the magic e.g pink or red for love and romance, silver and gold or green and purple to represent the God and Goddess, whichever works best for you.
  • Rose water, rose oil, Patchouli oil or lavender oil. Again, it’s dealers choice here. I like to you use rose water because I love the smell and it is so reminiscent of love and romance but lavender is also great for love and Patchouli for sex, fertility and potency.
  • Optional extras: coloured candles, rose petals, rose quartz, incense, anything that helps set the mood for the spell you are about to perform.

To begin the spell anoint the ends of both cords in rose water or your chosen essential oil. Then, focusing your mind on your lover and your intentions for the spell, begin to weave the two strands together. You may find it helps to knot them together first. It doesn’t have to be a fancy knot, just a simple over and through will work fine. Visualize yourself becoming closer to your lover, being open with one another and finding that true connection between you. As you do this continue to weave the cords and chant, either out loud or in your head;

Let love grow, let hearts soar,

Bring me closer to the one I adore

Continue until the strands are completely woven together.

The finished weave is the perfect addition to your Beltane altar and is an ideal offering/ wedding gift to the Goddess and God.  And remember love is a gift, use it wisely!



Spell / meditation for easing Writer’s Block

Anyone who wants to be a writer, or indeed an artist of any sort, knows the feeling. Those pesky days when no matter how hard you try the inspiration and ideas just don’t seem to flow. Of course there are many ways to deal with the dreaded writer’s block. Going for a walk in nature, taking a long bath and playing some inspiring music are just a few of mine but here’s a method I developed using a little witchcraft to help my cause.

Since I’m a very visual person I always find decorating my altar/work space with items related to the specific spell/meditation/ritual that I’m doing helps me to focus my mind and set my intention. One of my favourite things to use is Tarot cards as they are such powerful visual representations and you can always find one (or a few!) to suit your particular need. For this particular spell I find the Empress card is perfect as to me she represents a woman overflowing with creativity with the confidence and power to manifest her creations. Alternatively, the Ace or Nine of Cups are both perfect. It’s entirely down to personal preference really and, of course, a card that has a particular meaning for you may be interpreted entirely differently by someone else. As with all magic, it’s the intention that really matters.


As well as having visual representations whenever I’m about to do a spell I find it helps to set the tone with music and incense/oils. My favourite scents for this particularly spell would be either sandalwood or cinnamon. Sandalwood has great writer’s block busting properties and helps to ease self doubt and cinnamon is great for raising focus and motivation.

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