Ostara Blessings

Happy Spring Equinox! Wishing you all blessing and abundance on this bright Ostara day. Or, Mabon blessings if you’re in the southern hemisphere :).

I’ve been celebrating by doing some serious spring cleaning and spending time outside planting seeds in the garden. We’ve been lucky here in the UK as the weather has been glorious today, perfect for welcoming IMG_20190320_145242_144in the spring and spending time outside.

I’m hoping to spend some time over the next few days meditating on my goals and figuring what my next steps will be to manifest my intentions since I feel like things have been a little manic lately and I haven’t had time to stop and check in with myself.

To help with that, I wrote an incantations to the goddess Ostara to ask for a little guidance and decided to share it here!


Ostara Prayer for Guidance


Maiden Ostara, Goddess of Spring

Growth and new life in your wake you will bring.

The sun reaches out and wakes the earth,

And plants and creatures come to birth.

Colour returns as the flowers bloom,

Life is now growing in the mother’s womb.

Goddess I ask you to guide my hand,

As I plant my seeds upon this land.

What must I reap and what must I sow,

So my intentions and wishes may grow?


Hope you’re all having a wonderful Ostara and blessed be! x