MCM! Meet Niklas


Niklas is my main character Cardinal Carrow’s primary love interest in my current WIP, The Cauldron Born . I also have to confess he is one of my favourite characters to write, the words just seem to spill out much more easily when he is “on-screen”, particularly when it comes to the witty repartee between him and Cardinal. I just love their chemistry and the way they spark off each other.

So, a little more about Niklas. First up, he’s a 1000+ year old former Viking vampire whom Cardinal meets when she moves into the apartment beneath his. They quickly strike up a mutual attraction but things are a little tricky since neither of them is in much of a good place to get involved with anyone.

Niklas is very tall, around 6’4, with wavy ash blonde air and silvery grey eyes and his skin is classically vampire pale. His ears have a very slight but noticeable point to them, suggesting he has fey blood somewhere in his ancestry. He has a dry, sarcastic sense of humour, which he often uses to deflect from revealing too much about himself. He has a good reason for secrecy but I’m not telling 😉

He has several tattoos, including three ravens entwined around a triple goddess symbol, representing his fealty to the goddess Morrigan, an Aegishjalmur (the Norse rune for protection) on his wrist, a flock of ravens in flight across his upper chest and shoulder and a tree of life, his family crest, on his hip.

Niklas is occasionally prone to bouts of hedonism, particularly when the weight and monotony of immortally become too much. Whilst he has a reputation as something of a wild child, he is reliable and stable when he has to be.  He is loyal and loving and will always step up when his loved ones are in need. Like Cardinal, he is fiercely brave, sometimes to the point of recklessness. After such a long life, he doesn’t cling to it too tightly and, like many Vikings, believes the date of his death was set long a go.

He has been many things throughout his life, a warrior, a prince, a slave, a concubine, a rock star, even a short and confusing pirate stage sometime in the mid 17th century, but his current incarnation is that of an art teacher at a night school. Painting and drawing were one of his first loves and the few things that have remained consistent throughout his life.

I could go on but let’s save some details for when The Cauldron Born comes out.

Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday and Blessed be! x

Beltane Blessings


If you’re anything like me it may not seem like 5 minutes since we were celebrating Ostara but alas the Wheel has turned once again and May Day, or Beltane, is upon us. For those who don’t know Beltane is one of the eight Witch’s Sabbats, or days of power, and is the festival which marks the beginning of summer. Traditionally it was the time of year when cattle would be turned out into the fields. Farmers would drive the cattle through bonfires in order to protect the livestock from disease and misfortune. Such a practise seems a little counter productive if you ask me but each to their own! Beltane also marks the joining of the Goddess and God in marriage. It is a time to celebrate all things love, sex and fertility. Beltane is a joyous, celebratory festival when we begin to see the fruits of the seeds we have planted at Imbolg and germinated at Ostara. The sun has returned to us, the flowers are in bloom and nature is at it’s most lively and vibrant.

There are many ways to celebrate Beltane, not least the jumping of Bel-fires, danicing around phallic May poles and the crowning of the May Queen. If you are hoping to conceive sometime soon it is the perfect time for a little fertility magic or perhaps just to celebrate the love in your life. Or you could give this simple Beltane Love Spell a try!

Beltane altars should be decorated with flowers and plants, as well as all things green. Symbols of love such as Rose Quartz and rose petals are also perfect. Take time to stop and look at how you have grown throughout the year so far and all the progress that has been made. At Imbolg and Ostara we set out our intentions for the year, at Beltane we should begin to see those intentions manifesting themselves. Remember to show gratitude for all the blessings and help you have received on your path so far. If possible try and spend some time outside and look around you at nature in all it’s glory. It’s a great day for gardening and taking care of plants if that is your thing. I’ve been outside this morning potting on last years baby strawberry plants. We may not be experiencing the glorious May weather here in the U.K just yet but there is still much to be enjoyed in the great outdoors!

However you choose to celebrate Beltane let it be joyful, celebratory and most of all fun!

Have a wonderful and blessed Beltane ❤