The Flower Moon


Happy full moon Witches! May’s full moon is known as the Flower Moon. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac this is because May “marked a time of increasing fertility, with temperatures warm enough for safely bearing young, a near end to late frosts, and plants in bloom.” Exciting times, huh? Of course, the Flower Moon is about more than just a pretty name. It’s a time of blossoming, both inward and outward. Unless you walk around with your eyes closed (very ill advised) you’ve probably noticed nature is putting on a whole beautiful display for us at the moment. The flowers are in bloom, the trees are verdant and everything just looks that little bit more vibrant with the sunlight shining on it. Since we too are a part of nature you should notice a little inner blossoming going on too. We are in tune with nature and our minds, bodies and souls should reflect at least a little of what is going on outside. Whether it’s just the warmth and the longer days, that extra boost of vitamin D, or the joy of seeing so many beautiful flowers around, many of us feel generally happier, healthier and more energised around this time of year. We are fast approaching the mid-point of the year (I know, it’s scaring me too!) which means the literal and figurative seeds we have planted earlier in the year are beginning to bear fruits. Now is a great time to reassess your progress so far, celebrate how far you’ve come and sharpen your focus on what happens next. For some of us, we might realise we have wandered off the path a bit, or that a goal or project hasn’t turned out the way we imagined it would. That’s OK too! There’s still plenty of time to get back where we want to be or even start fresh if we have to. Use the blooming energy of the Flower Moon to manifest your dreams, however great or small. ‘Tis the season for hope and excitement. We have the whole summer ahead of us for fun, holidays and adventures. And speaking of adventures, this years Flower Moon is in Sagittarius so there’s even more excuse to take a leap, try something new and reach for your goals. Sagittarius is all about adventure, travel and the great outdoors so combined with the vibrant creative energy of the flower moon it should be a fun and exciting time for projects and playtime alike. For me personally I will be channelling this full moon energy into getting back to writing “The Cauldron Born” and hopefully bringing that to completion. I only have one small section to finish before I have a completed first draft so that’s super exciting. Hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Flower Moon!


The Pink Moon / Full Moon in Scorpio

Happy Full Moon Day!  April’s full moon is known as The Pink Moon, so called because according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac it heralded the arrival of the first Spring flowers, the “moss pink” or “wild ground phlox”, for the Native Americans to whom we owe thanks for all our full moon names.


Pink Flowers on Creeping Phlox – Photo courtesy of

Unfortunately this beautiful pink plant doesn’t grow in my part of the world but we have cherry blossom as a more than suitable alternative. Or, if like me you are lucky enough to have one right outside your door, Magnolia trees put out their gorgeous pink blossoms around this time, if only very briefly!

Other names for April’s full moon include Egg Moon, Fish Moon, or Grass Moon. If like me you’re in the UK, moonrise tonight should be around 7:38PM but as is often the way, the weather forecast is predicting it will be a cloudy night so we may not get the best view of our beloved lunar lady. But as always we know she is up there watching over us.

The Pink Moon is a great time for pulling up weeds and planting new crops underground, both literally and spiritually. Think out with the old, in with the new. Time to let go of the things that sap your energy and serve no useful purpose and make way for new beginnings and future growth. This ties in nicely with the fact that this full moon is in Scorpio. Full moon in Scorpio is all about death and rebirth, renewal and transformation so it’s the perfect time to let go of old resentments and start moving forward. Even something as simple as clearing out some old clutter or cleansing and charging your crystals would be a perfect way to honour the pink moon.

However you choose to mark the occasion it’s great opportunity to cleanse and refresh your energy ready for Beltane on Tuesday!


Blessed be x