Woman Crush Wednesday! Meet Cardinal Carrow


Happy Witchy Wednesday! To celebrate, I’m sharing a little bit more about my favourite witch and the M/C of my book, Cardinal Carrow.

As of the first chapter of The Cauldron Born, Cardinal is 23 years old, which, considering witches can live past 500 in her world, is still pretty young. She’s managed to establish a decent living for her self by using her skills to sell spells and potions. Cardinal has a strong affinity for the earth element and has a gift for herbal brews and remedies. To help her get by when business is a little slow, Cardinal sidelines as the witchy assistant to local bounty hunter Jack Morgan which, as we discover in The Cauldron Born, is about to get her in all kinds of trouble.

Male Cardinal

I got my inspiration for Cardinal’s name from the beautiful cardinal bird which is native to North and South America. Whilst my book is set in England, Cardinal’s mum was an avid traveller so I can imagine her picking up the idea for her daughter’s name somewhere along the way. Cardinal is also a shade of red which matches Cardinal’s hair pretty perfectly.

Cardinal’s curly, bright red hair is probably her most striking attribute, as well as marking her out as distinctly not-human. Her eyes are also a rather unusual shade of teal, adding to her unconventional beauty. Cardinal’s skin is a very pale porcelain and her face is rather heart-shaped with a slightly pointed, elfin chin. At 5’5 she’s about average height, if not slightly above, with a soft, slender frame. She has a crescent moon mandala tattoo on her right shoulder blade and a spray of wildflowers on one ankle, plus a fair few piercings in her ears, including a double helix.

Cardinal’s happy place would either be out in the garden tending to plants, walking alone deep in the woods, or out dancing with her two closest friends, Sage and Raven.

Whilst her family on her father’s side is well known (the Carrow’s are a respected witch family) her lineage on her mother’s side is murky at best. I’m sure Cardinal would ask her mother Maeve Faigh and her ancestors all about the family history, if only they weren’t all mysteriously dead……

Cardinal is a Virgo, born on 21st September, Mabon (the Autumn equinox). She exhibits the typical Virgo traits of being loyal, analytical, practical and hard-working and suffers their weakness of being a little overly self-critical and expecting too much from herself. She is exuberant, fun-loving and generally doesn’t take life too seriously but when it comes to protecting those she cares about she is fiercely brave. Her instinctive desire to help people can land her in situations where she is in over her head and she has a tendency towards being overly reactive. But overall I’d say she was a fairly easy going character. She enjoys her independence and is passionate about the things (and people) she loves.

So that’s a general overview of Cardinal as a main character. I’m sure you’ll be hearing lots more about her in the posts to come…..

Blessed be x

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