Love Knot Spell

This was originally a post I wrote for Beltane but since today is Valentines Day it seemed a good time to share a little love (magic) 😉 Happy Valentines Day everyone! Whether you’re spending it alone, with friends or family, or that special someone, take some time to celebrate love, including self-love, and think about how we can bring more of it into our lives.

The Cauldron Born


As mentioned in my previous post Beltane is the perfect time for love magic. It should go without saying that you can’t make someone love you, using magic or otherwise. Free will is not a force to be tampered with. So I use the words “love spell” only loosely here. What I do mean is a spell that celebrates love and sets out the intention to bring lovers closer together. Whether that intention is to strengthen or rekindle romance in an existing relationship or perhaps to create opportunities for feelings to develop with someone new is entirely down to the caster.

The spell incorporates yet another lovely Beltane tradition: weaving. Weaving is symbolic of the union of two things to create a third so the symbolism is perfect for love and fertility magic. This is a super simple spell and is only intended as a bit of fun. As always…

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