Sunday relaxation and week plans


Apologies for being a bit lax on the posts this week. I’ve been really ill with a bad cold and what little energy I’ve had has mostly been spent at work. My head has been super fuzzy so I’ve been struggling to get much writing done, both on here and more importantly on my book. Sometimes you have to know when it’s time to throw in the towel and take a break and the universe has certainly been telling me that this week! So we’ve had a quiet weekend, doing a few household and garden chores. My sister-in-law came by for a visit and brought me some Ironwort, also known as Greek Mountain Tea  to try and help me feel better. It seems to have worked because I am feeling a lot better today, although not fully there yet. I have a very busy work week up ahead so I’m trying my best to rest and convalesce in the hope that I will be back to full health ready for the dreaded Monday morning! Today I had a lie in, watched some TV in bed, spent time with my partner, had a bath and sat out in the garden for a bit reading my book of Celtic Myths and reading my Tarot cards for the week ahead. I just did a simple card-a-day spread for the next five days. The cards I got were:

Monday – The Hanged Man

Tuesday – 5 of Wands

Wednesday – The Fool

Thursday – Knight of Swords

Friday – King of Pentacles

As expected, it’s looking to be a busy, tough week with not much time for relaxing and creative pursuits but I’m sure the rewards will be worth it. It also looks like there could be lots of opportunity for fresh thinking and new ideas so hopefully that will be something to have some fun with.

For reasons I’ve already said I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to blog over the coming week but I’m hoping to be able to post at some point.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful relaxing Sunday and wishing you many blessings for the week ahead!

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