Today’s Writing Inspo – Dunluce Castle


Today I’ve been writing a scene wherein my protagonist is having a conversation with her new love interest about his past and he tells her a story about when he met the Celtic goddess the Morrigan. Morrigan is one of my favourite figures in mythology. She is such a striking figure, a force for both creation and destruction. I always enjoy writing my version of her, although she is only a very minor character. But more on her later. At the moment I’m focusing on the Morrigan’s castle in my story and the first time my character encounters it. As I often do when writing I took to google images to find a bit of visual inspiration and stumbled upon the gorgeous Dunluce Castle in County Antrim, Ireland. It’s always a great moment when you discover something so close to what you imagined actually exists. Dunluce Castle would be the perfect setting for Morrigan, preferably with a raging storm over the Irish sea behind it. I’m a sucker for old ruins so hopefully one day I’ll get to visit the castle in person but for now I’ll just make do with pictures and my imagination!

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